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       "Dahong glaze" in Taiwan by the "China glaze group" in 1992, China invested, specializing in the production of ceramic color glaze, zirconium silicate and related products, is a research and development, production, marketing and technical services for the integrated quality management system. "Big red glaze" in order to promote China's ceramic industry into the field of quality has been served, in order to enhance the international competitiveness of China's ceramic industry as the goal, and make unremitting efforts to become the industry's eternal leader!

       "Dahong glaze" company set up branches in China and major ceramic producing areas, in order to prompt delivery and provide high-quality technical services convenient for customers. At present, we have set up "Guangdong Sanshui great glaze Making Co., Ltd.", "Shanghai great red glaze Co., Ltd." and "Shandong great red glaze Co., Ltd.", And with the "Xiamen branch", "Jiajiang branch", "Foshan Sales Department", "Jiangxi office" and many other branches, the formation of a nationwide marketing service network. The total investment of companies and branches amounted to US $100 million. In order to improve service quality and expand business, In March 2009, we established the Shanghai Shanghai hung commerce Co., Ltd., which aims to meet the customer's professional requirements in related products.

       Up to now, the scale, production and marketing value of "big red glaze" are the most in Asia, and they keep pace with international famous brands. "Dahong glaze" attaches great importance to quality management, beginning in the company in the implementation of total quality management, depending on the quality of the company and in the foundation, the industry took the lead through the ISO9001 quality management system certification; strict quality management system, a series of quality control measures, so that the company's products to the domestic ceramic color glaze the unstable quality problems, affirmed and praised by domestic and foreign ceramic industry. In the past 20 years, "big red glaze" has also been named by the government as "high-tech enterprise", "Customs trustworthy enterprise", "contract keeping credit enterprise" and "Guangdong advanced technology enterprise"...... In the past few years, we have successively won the title of "model taxpayer" and "honorable tax payer" issued by the provincial and Municipal State Administration of taxation. The products have been evaluated as "famous brand products in Guangdong province".

       "Guangdong Sanshui Dahong glaze Co. Ltd in 2007, is responsible for the preparation of People's Republic of China building materials industry standard JC/T 1046.1-2007" building sanitary ceramics glaze material with first parts: "building sanitary ceramics glaze, JC/T 1046.2-2007 "building sanitary ceramics glaze material with first parts:" with the color of building and sanitary ceramics; in 2009, responsible for the preparation of the completion of the People's Republic of China national standard GB/T 23460.1-2009 "test method for ceramic glaze performance - part first: high temperature melt flow flow test method"; In 2013, responsible for the preparation of the completion of the People's Republic of China national standard GB/T 29758-2013 "ceramic glaze". It has made due contributions to the state, society and industry.

       "Dahong glaze" in addition to the full development of refined products provide industrial use, pay more attention to environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, clean production work is to spare no effort, and in 2009 was named Guangdong province clean production enterprises; provide career planning and measures to improve the welfare of employees... ; Operating efficiency is the spirit of creating value sharing by giving feedback to customers, employees, and the community.

       "Dahong glaze" following the success of Taiwan "China glaze group" the essence of integration of the Chinese nation wisdom and potential, adhering to the "integrity, excellence, innovation, sharing" business philosophy, adhere to the "quality first, customer satisfaction oriented, product innovation as the backing of the quality policy", And ceramic industry hand in hand, went to the world ceramic summit!

About Us

       Chinese glaze group, uphold the principle of "quality first as the goal, customer satisfaction oriented, product innovation as the backing of the quality policy", specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of industrial materials, now has become Asia's largest glaze factory specializing in the production of, and lead the market trend, to promote the innovation and progress of ceramic industry, to the world's first throne, a brilliant prospect and the glory for the Chinese ceramics industry. Let Chinese glaze become the pride of chinese.   

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